Waterproof flooring that meets all your needs

If you've never experienced waterproof flooring in person, you may not know how well it can work in your home. These floors offer incredible durability that meets all your needs. But it's also a great choice to match any decor you currently have in place.

Appearances you can live with

If you're looking for a specific appearance, waterproof vinyl flooring is what you want. These floors give you plenty of visuals to work with, like colors, textures, and formats. You'll love how this helps meet your decor matching requirements and so much more. Trendy options are available in every product line, including waterproof luxury vinyl. In addition, you'll find products that mimic stone, solid hardwood, and porcelain tile. And you'll enjoy the beautiful colors and textures that come with each one.

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Durability isn't lost with waterproof flooring

The durability you find in waterproof flooring might surprise you. It goes beyond complete imperviousness to water to offer so much more. You'll enjoy protection from scratches, scuffs, stains, and fading. If you have children, pets, or both, you'll appreciate the durability these floors bring. But if you'd like to add a bit more, consider placing runners or area rugs, especially in hallways. These help keep traffic from the surface of your floors for a better look longer.

Ease of installation and care

A professional installation team will make quick work of this flooring installation. Waterproof vinyl flooring offers a floating choice, making the installation even faster. We'll explain every step of the process before starting your service. For cleaning, a broom and mop are all you'll need for most daily maintenance. Follow your manufacturer's recommendations if you use a commercial cleaner. Or feel free to call us to find out more about cleaning and caring for your new waterproof flooring.
Waterproof flooring in Montreal, QC from Tapis Lipman

Find your waterproof flooring today

Tapis Lipman is a fantastic place to find waterproof and water-resistant flooring. Our associates will make you feel right at home with any size remodel. And we look forward to helping you create the flooring of your dreams.

Today, you can upgrade to waterproof flooring in our Montreal, QC showroom location. We serve those who live in Montreal, QC, Mont-Tremblant, QC, Westmount, QC, and Ville Saint-Laurent, QC, and we'd like to work with you too. Please find out more about what waterproof flooring can do for you by visiting us today.