Flooring installation


Professional flooring installation is important

Every homeowner wants the best flooring for their home. And the best way to protect that investment is with professional flooring installation. Therefore, it's worth your time to learn about this service so you know what to expect.

For the longest lifespan

A professional installation means your flooring will last as long as it's supposed to, no matter which material you choose. With experience and the proper tools, your team of experts will get to work. As a result, you'll enjoy successful results that could last for decades. A proper flooring installation also means less opportunity for premature failure. Underlayments, edging, and other factors need a skilled hand for the best results. And we'll tell you exactly what you expect, from start to finish.



We're here to help

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For the best appearance

There's no doubt that professionals bring the best look for any flooring installation. In addition, tricks of the trade help create seamless floors that stand the test of time, even in busy spaces. But it can even save you time on cleaning and maintenance as well.

Preparing for the installation

There may be some things you can do before your installation team arrives. If so, our flooring store will tell you what that is and when you can do it. We'll also discuss removing your old floor covering so that we can start fresh. Proper preparation can also help extend the life of your new floor covering. For instance, hardwood must go through the acclimation process before installation. Each flooring has its specific preparation process, and we'll explain yours in detail.
Flooring installation in Montreal, QC from Tapis Lipman

Flooring installation day

When the flooring installation day arrives, you will know what to expect. However, if you still have questions or concerns, speak with an associate before the work starts. We'll make sure to address your needs, no matter how large or small the remodel.

We offer outstanding flooring installation

Tapis Lipman is a flooring company in Montreal, QC, that helps to create your dream floors. We provide quality materials and almost 50 years of industry experience. You'll appreciate our friendly, personalized service for any size remodel.

Ask us about your flooring installation today at our showroom in Montreal, QC. Our service areas include the greater Montreal area including 150km within every direction. You live up north, no problem. You live on the south shore, no problem either! Be sure to visit our flooring store to find out more about the installation whenever you're in the area.