Design consultation


The importance of design consultation

If you're planning a remodel of any size, interior design consultation could be a great way to get started. This service ensures your complete satisfaction with your results for any size project. We'll work from start to finish to create a space you'll love for years to come.

A simpler remodeling process

Your design team can simplify the remodeling process to a great extent. You'll work with a group of professionals that has years of experience. Bring your ideas or vision board to our attention, and we'll do the rest. Since you won't have to shop around on your own, you'll enjoy the benefits of a one-stop shop. In addition, a flooring estimate and other services help lift the burden off your shoulders. And we do all that without taking anything away from your experience.



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Faster start to finish service

One of the best things about choosing an interior design team is the speed with which they work. We call around, check prices, and coordinate projects for you. You're free then to enjoy the results of this intensive service faster than ever before.

Plan the budget before you start

Budget is a big concern for some homeowners, and we help reduce that worry through interior design services. We'll consult with you to create the budget you want without sacrificing anything. You'll enjoy the options we offer, knowing that you aren't breaking the bank in the process.
Design consultation in Montreal, QC from Tapis Lipman

Choose the perfect style for every room

You don't have to have a design degree to come away with a trendy, beautiful remodel. We put our experience to work to help you match colors and products with ease and perfection. Our creative vision and your dream for the perfect space will work to your satisfaction.

Increased home value

Did you know a remodel could raise the value of your home? Add updated materials and a flooring estimate, and you'll see the benefits. This increased value will serve you well over time.

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Tapis Lipman is a flooring company in Montreal, QC, with almost 50 years of experience. We cater to all your flooring and remodeling needs for results you can count on. Let us know what you want to create, and we'll make it happen.

Get started with an interior design consultation today at our Montreal, QC showroom location. We look forward to working with you as we do for Montreal, QC, Mont-Tremblant, QC, Westmount, QC, and Ville Saint-Laurent, QC residents. When you're ready for your professional remodeling service and more, visit our showroom.