Most homeowners love the fantastic appeal of new floors from the hardwood flooring line. But not every homeowner has the time or budget to put into these impressive new materials.

If you love hardwood but feel you need to skip it, you should know there are some excellent choices. So take the time to consider these wood-look alternatives to the real thing.

Luxury vinyl wood-look products

Few materials mimic solid hardwood as well as luxury vinyl flooring. Manufacturers' 3D laser printing process is a great way to get impressive authenticity.

You’ll see materials from our flooring company have the species look, grain patterns, colors, and textures you find in natural hardwood. You even have access to products with simulated knots and other imperfections.

Laminate is a beautiful choice

When you choose laminate flooring, you’ll get wood looks that cater to nearly any décor scheme. With many of the same visuals you might find in luxury vinyl, the floors are a perfect match for any décor scheme.

You'll even find water-resistant and waterproof features that cater to every room in your home. Be sure to ask your flooring professional to lead you toward all the new floors that offer the impressive benefits you need most.

Tile flooring offers excellent wood-look products

You'll find the impressive wood look in the tile flooring line, in a plank format, and more. While not as realistic as luxury vinyl or laminate, it's still a great, durable choice for any room.

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